ABOUT Versatile Marine

A Global & Small-Scale Provider

As a leader in the industry, Versatile Marine’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to delivery of ship lifts, dry docking automation, azimuth thrusters, ship spares and marine consulting services.

We’re committed to providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements.

Our complementary range of products includes:

  • Syncroliftship lifts & transfer systems
  • Hydromasterazimuth thrusters & control systems
  • Romeko Marine – OEM ship spares & services
  • UDF – ultrafine diesel & oil filtration systems

And our services include:

  • Marine consulting, surveys, naval architecture
  • Ship brokerage, second hand and new build through Strategic Marine (aluminium work and patrol vessels) and Pearl Sea Yacht Builders (HDPE and aluminium leisure and workboats)
  • Electrical contracting services through our partner Cullys
ship lifts marine consulting motion control ship spares azimuth thrusters
30m patrol vessel developed and built under the leadership of Michael Bakker, launched on the Syncrolift of the Simons Town Naval Dockyard.
Our Products


Syncrolift ship lifts & transfer systems are not just a unique method for lifting ships onto land and back at sea. We offer solutions that can be adapted to different needs. Depending of size, our customised installations can lift everything up to 30,000 tons. Our systems are used in connection with both new building and repairs of all ship types, from simple cargo vessels to advanced submarines or exclusive yachts.

Valued for its sturdy fully-mechanical design, Hydromaster propels hundreds of ferries, barges and pontoons worldwide every day – from remote locations with no support facilities, demanding environments of marine contractors and the armed forces to state-of-the-art hybrid or full electric propulsion systems.

Ultrafine Depth Filtration (UDF) offers a range of fuel and oil filtration systems with uncompromising filtering qualities, enabling asset, vehicle and ship owners to reduce undesired contaminants to an absolute minimum. UDF solutions provide significant extension of life span for lubricants, hydraulic oils and subsequently all moving parts of your machinery.

Our services

Exclusive Services

With 30 years of shipbuilding and vessel operations experience, Versatile Marine combines its insights and skills to assess your requirements, providing you with our professional advise to develop, design and establish new shipyards and dry docking facilities.

Cullys is proud of its 40 year track record utilising its expertise in order to plan, design, implement and manage scalable projects. In often demanding economic conditions, the business has consistently been able to deliver excellence in all aspects of quality, safety and customer service.

Romeko Marine offers a broad range of ship equipment and spares, manufactured in Europe. However, we are particularly strong regarding ship spares for Alfa Laval and Westfalia separators, IMO pumps, Sulzer, MAN B&W, Cegielski and many others.